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As a small business owner it takes a heady mixture of guts and unwavering self-belief to make it work. Alicia Beachley has engineered her drive and talent into a thriving brand activation agency April5 that has a very enviable list of big name clients who she often lands for the long haul. I luckily got to spend a few days with Alicia at an LBD Group retreat last March, where I saw another side to her. She is fun! A woman who appreciates a good banter over a drink – and we had a lot in common, though she will always be much taller. We have now connected in business and its here I get to see precisely why her clients and peers (included yours truly) think so highly of her.

Amber Daines

The Little Things Interview

Alicia Beachley

Describe yourself in one word: Hard to do in one word, so here are three: Determined, collaborative and dedicated.

When do you work best – morning, afternoon or night?

Morning for catch-ups, afternoons for focus and the evening for lists

What is your personal passion outside work?

My family. I enjoy their weekend sport, our family friends, and time my extended family (I am one of six kids).

Exercise-wise, do you prefer to sweat, stretch or strengthen your body?

I play competitive netball, so I guess I am a sweat girl. Second to netball is walking my dogs.

How do you define success? Having passion for what you are doing and staying true to who you are. It’s about riding the waves of the business whilst learning all the way.

What does it for you most? Landing that client I have been working on for months and months and then seeing the great work we are producing.

What’s your secret weapon to getting things done? Lists, lists and more lists and a big brain that doesn’t forget much.

Best communicator you know – living or deceased – and why? My mum, she had to communicate and negotiate her way through six children, work, marriage and life in general. She did so with so much grace.

Your favourite quote: Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today.”

Here’s how to find you in the online world:
LinkedIn – Alicia Beachley

LinkedIn Company – April5 Agency

Twitter: alicia beachley



 Posted on : 10 October 2014