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The corporate world often cops a slating when it comes to providing opportunities for its managers to be agents of change and able to project an individual purpose. Alison Flemming proves that to be wrong. As Regional Manager Western Sydney for Scentregroup (known best for their Westfield shopping centres), Alison is self-deprecating, bold and not afraid of any challenge, She seems to bring out the best not just in herself but those around her. We first met in March at an LBD retreat in Noosa and I have learned much from her grounded sense of leadership and thoughtful approach to everything she tackles, from marathons to malls. Amber Daines

The Little Things Interview

Alison Fleming Describe yourself in one word: Authentic-and-Ambitious (it’s a word, right?). When do you work best – morning, afternoon or night? Morning and night. I tend to have a restless period in the afternoon. What is your personal passion outside work? Fitness – mostly running & cycling. I’m looking for my next fitness challenge for 2015. Exercise-wise, do you prefer to sweat, stretch or strengthen your body? My preference would be to combine all three, but if I really had to choose – sweat. How do you define success? Pursuing your true passions and achieving what personally and professionally is important to you. Success is so personal and I think too many people get distracted by other people’s definitions of success. What does it for you most? A challenge! I love getting my hands on a problem that I initially don’t know how to tackle, then looking back after finding a solution and thinking, ”…yep, nice work!”. What’s your secret weapon to getting things done? Persistence. I’m not a genius and I’m often overwhelmed with what and how much I might have to do, but I’ll just keep going. Best communicator you know – living or deceased – and why? My grandmother. My family is Austrian and my grandmother spoke in broken English with a very strong European accent, but NOTHING ever got lost in translation. She was an excellent listener and provided great advice, wrapped up in stories and lessons. She never told you what to do but when you reflected upon the stories you realised all the messages she was sharing. Perfect for a headstrong granddaughter who thought she knew everything! Your favourite quote: I have two. “The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear” – Nelson Mandela And “Alcohol may not solve your problems, but neither will water or milk!” Here’s how to find you in the online world:  LinkedIn



 Posted on : 21 November 2014