Before you take your product, service or major announcement to key stakeholders, such as the media, crowd-funders, customers, or shareholders, it’s vital to prepare and rehearse your messages. In this workshop, we help you define what you want to say and how to say it best.

We can even shape the session to focus on an immediate crisis or map out would-be issues so you can bullet-proof your Q&A process.

Our Key Message Workshop program includes:

  1. An issues audit of where the hot spots are and how to ensure you get your message out, in line with your commercial and branding goals.
  2. Target audience analysis
  3. Key message development documents designed for media and other stakeholders, to make your story compelling and stand out from the competition.
  4. Media skills training – a follow up session with a specific media interview role play to become more confident and really hit the ground running in the 24/7 media landscape.

These workshops, depending on the number of participants and issues to work through, will usually take between one to five days.

 Posted on : 22 March 2014