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I love Lucie! Lucie Trinco that is, the founder of Il Tutto, one of Australia’s most iconic luxury baby bag brands that is sold in 15 countries across the planet. A sassy and savvy business leader, Lucie is super busy, but she does the working mum juggle with a sense of fun and resolution.  Having carved her enviable design career working in household name companies such as Jigsaw, Fiorelli, Saba and Oroton, she has since launching Il Tutto won a swag of design and business accolades. Lucie is a stayer and fellow bright lipstick devotee. And unquestionably one to watch.

Amber Daines 

Amber Daines

The Little Things Interview

Describe yourself in one word: Authentic

When do you work best – morning, afternoon or night? 

Definitely morning – I am an early bird – blame it on three kids under 5 (years old)!

What is your personal passion outside work? My Family

Exercise-wise, do you prefer to sweat, stretch or strengthen your body? Ha ha. Seriously – can I have an option for none of the above? Whilst exercise is important, it is something that since having my 3rd little girl has been pushed to the wayside. I prefer to fill every spare minute of my day with my family and playing with my kids. Does playing in the park count?

How do you define success?

Happiness. If we all strived for that, the world would be a nicer place.

What does it for you most?

Doing something that makes a positive difference in another person’s life. I am passionate about making women feel better about themselves through what I design. When I receive an email from a customer telling me how much they love what I do – it doesn’t get much better than that.

What’s your secret weapon to getting things done?

Writing a list and crossing it off! There is no secret weapon – I wish there was. It’s called head down bum up and don’t waste time of tasks that are not necessary.

Best communicator you know – living or deceased – and why?

At the moment I am reading Arianna Huffington’s book ‘Thrive’ ( Her message and the way she delivers it is inspiring and easy to digest. Here’s to changing our mindset from one of striving to truly thriving.

Your favourite quote:

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Maya Angelou

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 Posted on : 19 December 2014