Media training is our core speciality – imparting adaptable skills, insider knowledge and practical role plays make our media training sessions stand out from the rest. We work with some of the world’s most innovative and successful companies in the financial services, private banking, small business and entrepreneurial realms, many of which are long-standing clients.

Amber Daines is accredited to teach her clients the Media Skills™ tools and techniques, adapted to the style and goals of each participant, and based on adult learning principles. Forget reeling off journalism war stories from us – this is about your take outs and KPIs.

That said, Amber will happily share her personal vignettes from her journalism days interviewing prime ministers, successful bankers and CEOs. However every time the focus is quite rightly on your company spokespersons walking away with memorable formulae, plenty of examples, constructive but honest feedback and tangible results that give you a deeper understanding of how to manage every media encounter, whether it’s online, in print or TV or radio-based.

Amber engages the best and brightest reporters to undertake practice interviews, on topics of your choosing. We value your business and respect your privacy so rest assured each session remains confidential.

Contact us for details on our half and full day workshops for 1-6 persons which include:

  • Maximising the Media
  • Managing the Media
  • Social Media for Business
  • Managing the Media in a Crisis
  • Strategic Communications Skills

We also run larger group ‘Media Essentials’ forums for up to 20 people and a ‘Refresher’ media interview session for individuals ahead of a major PR event or on a particular interview topic.

 Posted on : 22 March 2014