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If every industry was to nominate a style icon, Melissa Browne would be head of the class when it comes to being the poster child for a fashion-forward accountant. Stay with me. Because Mel wears so many hats – business owner, author (her second book Fabulous but Broke is out in early 2015), columnist, media commentator, mentor, coach and co-founder of a new early childhood enterprise called ThinkersInq. She has been in my trusted inner circle of business leaders for a few years now. I’ve learned that Mel is laser beam focused and unapologetically ambitious. I admire the way she dives into uncomfortableness in her professional endeavours, and her wickedly dry sense of humour. It makes me want to do the same.

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The Little Things Interview

mel browne

Describe yourself in one word: Awkward.

When do you work best – morning, afternoon or night?

After 10am – my team all know not to make any appointments for me before then.

What is your personal passion outside work?

I’m not sure it’s a passion but I find I work so hard and such long hours that outside work I seem to be consumed with finding beauty & enjoying the ridiculous. Whether it is a gorgeous shoe, a piece of artwork, an incredible piece of architecture or a reality TV show.  I love being captured by something beautiful and on the other hand laughing at the ridiculous.

Exercise-wise, do you prefer to sweat, stretch or strengthen your body?

Definitely sweat – I don’t feel like I’ve exercised if I don’t!

How do you define success?

I think success is deeply personal and different for every one of us. The definition of success I have for me is quite demanding as I’ve set the bar for what I want to achieve very high and I’m nowhere near there yet. Of course success if I achieve everything I want but at the expense of the two relationships that are most important to me then I won’t have reached it so I have to continually work at both.

What does it for you most?

Seeing real change in people and knowing I’ve played a part in that. Oh and chocolate!

What’s your secret weapon to getting things done?

Don’t talk about it, just do it. That and say yes first and then figure out how afterwards.

Best communicator you know – living or deceased – and why?

Maya Angelou. The way she used stories and poems and when she spoke the way she would command attention without raising her voice

Your favourite quote: There are so many but this is on my top five: “If you are always trying to be normal you will never know how amazing you could be.” Maya Angelou

Here’s how to find you in the online world:

Twitter: melbrowne_

 Posted on : 7 November 2014