Our new PR Power Mentoring package has been developed to especially help business owners and entrepreneurs who have reached out to Bespoke Communications but simply can’t afford an in-house or retainer based publicist who has earned their stripes and need the expertise and knowledge to do publicity themselves..

Amber’s program let’s you get the best of her 18 years of experience and walk away with a complete the program – even one campaign under your belt and backed by a tailored media strategy. We help write and edit two media releases, send you specific media contacts and teach you the principles to do it for yourself.

This long term investment is equivalent to a one-off PR campaign run over six weeks without media training.

Most online or one day courses that give exactly the same system for every business, irrespective of their sector, stage or challenges. It rarely translates into ongoing PR success.

Amber is a PR industry leader with extensive communications experience which helps you get a clear on the PR tips and tools she knows work best.

Our package allows you to tap into Amber’s experience to:

* Craft your PR strategy

* Write three different media releases for you

* Share the entire process; and

* Understand exactly how to do a whole campaign for yourself

Our three month Publicity Mentoring package supports you to secure the best possible coverage in the media. Get it right the first time. And build your business in the long run.

What you get when you join the program:

1.  A well-researched Media Strategy with strong story angles, media targets and lists of right sequence and timing

2.  An up-to-date list of media targets that supports your business objectives because they speak to your target audience

3.  Three professional press releases with different story angles which grab the attention of journalist and promote your business activity (two rounds of edits per release)

4.  Setting up for you systems of campaign measurement and monitoring

1.  Two Strategy Mentoring sessions prior to each campaign to further refine and detail the strategic direction – in person or via Skype

2.  Pitching advice to journalists

3.  Advice on how to compile your list of media contacts – and a sample list.

4.  A half day of media training with Amber facilitating and an experienced journalist for role play which we record for you on DVD file (worth alone $3,000 plus GST for up to 2 persons).

1.  We will check your progress see what’s working and what needs adjustment

2.  We make recommendations for future campaign plans.

We only mentor people who we know we can get results for. If we feel your campaign is not likely to get PR results, Amber will also let you know what needs to be worked on to get there.

At $6000 + GST our Publicity Mentoring program offers incredible value because it gets immediate results AND builds your business in the long term. Instalments available with three monthly payments of AUS$2000 + GST.

This new PR Power Mentoring is an excellent entrée into creating strong PR foundations done for you by an experienced professional that gives you all the PR power you need to remain visible.

If you want to get started please contact amber@bespokecomms.com.au with the subject headline “PR Power Mentoring Package” or fill in our contact form.

 Posted on : 25 July 2015