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If it wasn’t for Vaia Pappas, the lady behind one of Sydney’s best beauty salons VAIABEAUTY, I may not have had the nerve to start my own business back in 2007. Now a dear friend, Vaia was my first PR client and a visionary in her own right. Never afraid to take a punt and follow her dreams in business and in her personal life, Vaia is devoted to passionately building her business year on year, with innovative ideas and stand-out products and customised beauty services that leave the competition in her mineral make up dust. I also have her to thank for my obsession with cult French jewellry brand VanRycke which she stocks too.

Amber Daines

Amber Daines

The Little Things Interview


Describe yourself in one word: Busy.

When do you work best – morning, afternoon or night? Definitely, I work better in the morning. It’s changed since I had a baby. I used to be night owl but my nights are a write off now.

What is your personal passion outside work? My personal passion outside of work is work! Ha ha. I love what I do so much and am so blessed to have my business. I don’t switch off from this. I used to have lots of fun hobbies before I had (my daughter) Coco like flamenco dancing.  I am still dream of going back one day but my time is so stretched having VAIABEAUTY and my beautiful little angel Coco

Exercise-wise, do you prefer to sweat, stretch or strengthen your body? I love to sweat it out but like a good Pilates and yoga class too

How do you define success? Success is loving what you do and really loving it with every being of your body.

What does it for you most? Lots of things do it for me! Outside of my business and my baby, I enjoy drinking nice wine, doing a good boxing class, going to fabulous restaurants but most of all going to Europe, to follow my blood line. I also have a thing for beautiful shoes and bags. Don’t we all?

What’s your secret weapon to getting things done? I hate procrastination. Don’t over think things; just do it. My secret weapon is to just get on with it.

Best communicator you know – living or deceased – and why? The best communicator I know is my sister (interior designer) Stacey Kouros. She has an amazing gift to be able to really listen to and understand people from all walks of life as well as chat to any one!

Your favourite quote: I’m not really a quote person.

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 Posted on : 16 January 2015